Life is not a never ending story. The memories of it can be. None of us likes to deal with the inevitable.

But there are moments when we become aware of our finiteness. Be it through the loss of a close person, through one’s own illness or simply advancing age.

What unites us all is the strong need to leave something behind. Our most personal feelings for others, our thoughts and our most precious memories should be preserved.

At Forevermind, we make sure that living memory is possible and that what matters in life and beyond is not lost.

With the forevermind app, we give people the opportunity to take care of everything emotionally before it’s no longer possible.

Jerome Braun, Mastermind

Forevermind is shaping digital memory culture because we care infinitely about our finiteness.

Today, digital technologies open up unimaginable possibilities for us humans to communicate and remember. Moments long past, emotions felt or places visited become present and tangible again years and decades after the real experience.

The finiteness of human existence can hardly be influenced, but infinity can be shaped. forevermind creates and shapes a new digital culture of memory with its social partners.

forevermind helps people to deal positively with the inevitable – their own finiteness – during their lifetime, for their own benefit and for the benefit of those who remain.